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The Spire Professionals Program

Bring mindfulness to your clients.

For health professionals

Spire's real-time feedback is used by Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, Coaches, Therapists, Nutritionists and Clinicians.

Spire is a unique, science-based tool to enhance the quality, frequency, and engagement of your clients with mindfulness in their daily lives.

You and your clients can benefit from deeper, more targeted discussions focused on challenging events and triggers that are objectively-measured.

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The most advanced mindfulness tool

When your clients clip Spire on, it will sense changes in their breathing patterns associated with different states of mind. It then vibrates at meaningful moments to improve self-awareness, self-regulation, and mindfulness. For example, when your client's breathing becomes shallow and rapid, Spire will vibrate.


Use data in your sessions

In session, view your client's Spire app to see their specific stressful or calming incidents. The Spire app will also display what location they were in and what was in their calendar at that time. Look across days and even weeks to identify patterns.

Second, get a window in to the breathing and state of mind of your client in-person by watching their breath-wave dynamically change according to their breathing: to guide them into a state of relaxation and uncover particularly arousing discussions.


A world-class pedigree

Spire was born at Stanford University in a lab focusing on using autonomic regulation as a platform for psychotherapeutic modalities. The team hails from Stanford, Carnegie Mellon University, Univ of Wisconsin at Madison, and Georgetown University Law School.

With partners including UCSF, Mayo Clinic, Rock Health, and Silicon Valley's YCombinator, Spire brings data to improve mental health and performance.

Stanford Rock-health Ycombinator

Designed for Professionals like you.

The Spire Professionals Program is made up of the following benefits to help you introduce mindfulness to your clients/patients in a new and elegant way. We offer:

  1. Discounted pricing for Professionals on orders of 5 or more units.
  2. Personalized referral code that allows you to provide your clients with a discount on their Spire purchase (with optional commission on each purchase).
  3. Premium support: Access to high-priority and in-depth email support from our science and engineering staff to address any questions you have along the way.
  4. Training materials: Access to Spire training materials for improving the way you use Spire with your clients or organizations you support.
  5. Beta group membership: Become part of our Beta testing group for app updates, so you can provide feedback and influence product decisions before features are live to the general public.
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"Our employees use Spire to make tangible improvements to things that can seem fleeting: focus, distraction, productivity."

Michael Susi, Global Wellness Manager
LinkedIn Corp.

"My schedule is erratic and Spire has helped make me more aware of my stress triggers and asking that I tune into my mind and body more often."

Stephanie H., Oakland, CA

"The best and only device out there to help accurately measure your level of focus, calmness, and tension. I have been using Spire for several days and it has helped me achieve a calmer state-of-mind."

Scoopler A., Amazon Reviewer
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